The latest (Spring 2019) edition of the Association’s newsletter is being sent out to members this week. A copy of the newsletter is also available now for download by clicking on the link in the Newsletter tab above.

The newsletter contains articles on:

  • the Association’s submission to the Royal Commission into Aged Care on the health care rights of residents of aged care facilities 

  • how to stop paying extra for bills you receive in the mail 

  • regulating pet food in Australia

  • “junk insurance” pushed by banks in conjunction with loans

  • establishing the real amount of beer or wine sold and the use of non-badged beer glasses in South Australia

  • the confusion facing unit owners seeking redress for faulty buildings

  • notes on a recent presentation to Consumers SA by Nicole Barile, Compliance and Investigations Officer, Product Safety, CBS

  • the future of SA’s GM moratorium 

  • the latest news from Food Standards Australia New Zealand.


AuthorRay Dennis