The Consumers International (CI) Summit was held in Portugal on 30 April and 1 May this year. Read the Highlights report here.

The Summit was entitled: The Digital Hive: Putting Consumers at the Heart of Digital Innovation. It explored not only digital issues themselves but how they can help or hinder core consumer rights in food, finance, energy systems, the CI Sustainable Development Goals and consumer protection and redress generally. The Highlights report captures the large or emerging themes discussed at the Summit as well as practical opportunities for action. It summarises some of the key messages and discussions from the Summit itself and from important member events held by CI partners during the course of the week.

CFA standards rep and CFA Executive member Ian Jarratt made a presentation at the CFA-sponsored side event on grocery unit pricing. Read more here.

The Summit is held every four years with over 460 representatives from over eighty countries with representatives from consumer groups, government, business and civil society all coming together to learn from each other. More here.

AuthorRay Dennis