We live by standards - for food, communication, products and medicine to name but a few, yet most of us are not aware of the part they play in our lives. They are crucial to our well being and safety.

From time to time Consumers SA informs its members of certain activities that their Executive Committee take part in. One of these activities is standard setting.

Through being a member of a project team working on a standard within Australia or being a member of a mirror committee to the International Standards Organisation, we can contribute to standards which in the end affect the end user, the consumer.

As an example, in the ever growing health industry which affects us all, articles covering standards for syringes, health data and the new dawn of disease control can be found in the ISO Focus magazine for March-April 2019 - ISSN 2226-1095, which has an emphasis on the anatomy of health care.

Access the magazine here: iso.org/isofocus

 Elaine Attwood AM

Consumers SA Executive Committee member

AuthorRay Dennis