Recently a member of Consumers SA’s Executive returned from travelling to Cape York, and in light of the recent (3 June) article on plastic waste in the Cocos island, wrote the following:-

In our travels we were at Cape York and did a beach drive and were totally overwhelmed by the plastic rubbish there. When we arrived at Cape York it was overwhelming so we just picked up a few really large pieces and took them away.

One thing we do when we travel is try to clean up an area, the WA govt had a fantastic rubbish collection pack for people to use. Long handled tongs, disposable gloves, leather gloves, hessian bag and large plastic bags to insert in the hessian bag. A mining company sponsored the pack. (I know the plastic bag seems counter to the plastic reduction, but when you are travelling this is the best way to collect quite large amounts of rubbish and dispose of it at a tip.)

I have spoken to someone high up in SA Tourism, showed him the pack which I know we do need to get rid of plastic, but the rest of the world does too. Not sure if the SA govt have taken up idea, as a sponsor is needed.

When we were on the south coast of WA we walked along a very isolated beach in a national park and were surprised by how much of the rubbish we picked up was of Chinese origin, or some other Asian country, food wrappings, toothpaste tubes, ….. anyway just something to think about.

AuthorRay Dennis