As part of their customer engagement strategy before submitting their Regulatory Business Plan to the Essential Services Commission, SA Water is inviting customers to provide their views on a range of possible service upgrades.

The email below, introducing the survey, was sent to Consumers SA as a member of the corporation’s residential consumer advisory group:

In just 15 minutes have your say on the water and sewerage service upgrades we are considering investing in.

Every four years, we need to submit a business plan to the Essential Services Commission of South Australia (ESCOSA) who then determines the total revenue we can raise from our customers in order to deliver water and sewerage services.

Our Plan 2020-24 will outline how we’ll operate and deliver services for our customers in this year four-year period. It is due to ESCOSA later this year.

We have five initiatives that our customers have told us they value based on previous conversation with the community. Now we need to check you’re willing to pay for them. Each initiative will add to the price services everyone pays for. 

This is an important opportunity, because if enough customers support them, then we will include them in Our Plan 2020-24. 

Participating is easy, simply answer the questions here in our Would You Invest in This? survey. 

Based on your response to each initiative, the survey will provide you with a cost estimate change to your quarterly billed water and sewerage services.

Please tell us what you support before 5pm, Monday 22 April 2019 and help shape water services for South Australia.
If you have any questions, please contact us at or call Andris Versteeg, Manager Customer Research and Insights, on 08 7424 2037. 

Anna Jackson
GM Customer, Strategy and Innovation

AuthorRay Dennis