In its February 2019 submission to the SA government’s discussion paper on Single-Use Plastics, TURNING THE TIDE ON SINGLE-USE PLASTIC PRODUCTS, prepared by Executive Committee member Elaine Attwood, Consumers SA said that:

Restricting the sale or supply of some single-use plastic or other single-use products for which there are more sustainable alternatives, “would be a good start and begin to prepare people for the changes that will, eventually have to be made”, but that “[e]ducation of the public will also be necessary to gain their support for these changes to the usual way of ‘doing business’ as far as plastic waste is concerned.”

The Association also submitted that the most important problem associated with single-use plastic products is the fact that, for the most part, this type of plastic cannot be safely disposed of and remains in the environment for generations and beyond.

We therefore argued that: “all plastic single-use products should be made from completely compostable materials”.

Read our full submission here.


AuthorRay Dennis