Consumers SA recently received this important information from the Australian Consumers Association (CHOICE):

“Health Stars on the front of packets can help us make better, healthier food choices in the supermarket. Now, thanks to years of pressure from people like you, we could be seeing big improvements to the way this system works.

Last week, the Draft Five Year Review of Health Stars was released to the public, with some great recommendations, including:

  • 5 star ratings by default for all fruit and vegetables

  • Better drinks labelling (no more meaningless ‘energy ratings’)

  • Better requirements for applying Health Stars to as many products as possible

  • A comprehensive database of Health Stars to help monitor the system

  • Greater government influence over how Health Stars are calculated, with less industry input

The initial recommendations are a big step forward, but there’s more that we need to do to strengthen Health Stars at this critical moment.

We want to see all eligible products display Health Stars in supermarkets and make sure that big food manufacturers aren’t the ones deciding what’s healthy and what’s not.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be responding to these recommendations, making sure that industry lobbyists can’t water down positive changes to the Health Star Rating system.

To make our response as powerful as possible, I want to incorporate your voice directly. Can you answer two important questions to help us get more improvements over the line?

Click here to respond to our two-minute survey.

If we act together, we can make big changes to the Health Star Rating system, and make sure it’s helpful and fair.

Thanks for helping to improve Health Stars,

Linda Przhedetsky

AuthorRay Dennis