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CPRC Report: Consumer data & the digital economy

According to the Consumer Policy Research Centre‘s (CPRC's) recent report Consumer data & the digital economyAustralians are spending more of their lives online. 87% were active internet users in 2017, more than 17 million use social networking sites, and 84% of Australians are now buying products online.
Significant benefit and innovation can flow from open data. To deliver sustainable growth of new technologies and industries, it’s crucial that we put consumers in the driver’s seat.

Consumer advocates welcome ACCC Final Report on electricity market

Consumer advocates have welcomed the findings of the ACCC's Retail Electricity Pricing Inquiry Final Report.

Credit cards should not be a lifelong debt sentence

A proposal to prevent credit cards becoming a lifelong debt sentence has been welcomed by Consumer Action Law Centre. 

ACMA invites consumer reps to join key telco forum

The Australian Communications and Media Authority invites applications from consumer organisations to join its key telco consumer advisory group by 25 July.

Country of origin food labelling surveillance to commence

Australian consumers will have much greater certainty about the origins of the food they buy, due to the introduction of mandatory Country of Origin food labelling.

Putting the trust back into online reviews

As consumers, we want a digital world that we can trust. The recently published ISO 20488 standard on Online consumer reviews is a great tool to help with this.


Making grocery unit prices easier to notice and read


The small print sizes many businesses use to show the unit price of pre-packaged grocery and similar products is a major problem in Australia and other countries. 

What can truthfully be labelled recyclable?

With China no longer willing to accept material from Australia for potential recycling, it is time for a national discussion about what can truthfully be labelled as “recyclable” going forward in Australia. 


Validating a solar quote

Dr Martin Gill reviews a solar installer's analysis suggesting a strata complex would recover the cost of investing in a solar system in “just over 4 years”.


Guidelines for development and review of industry codes & EDR schemes

CFA has developed a set of good practice principles to offer guidance to industry bodies and EDR schemes about good practice in ensuring effective consumer input, including good practice in involving the consumer sector.
AuthorRay Dennis