Today, CHOICE released safety test results for cots and strollers showing that alarming numbers fail key safety tests. According to CHOICE:

These failures show that we need stronger product safety laws, to make sure the things we buy for ourselves and our families are safe. You can see the full list of failed products here

We deserve to be able to trust that when we buy something, it won’t hurt us or our loved ones. But right now there is no requirement in Australian consumer law that businesses make sure products are safe before they are sold.

We think this needs to change - and urgently. 

Will you join the campaign to show your support for safer products?

We need to act now, while this is in the news and politicians are paying attention. Treasury is about to start consulting on options for making our product safety laws stronger. By joining the campaign, you can show our leaders that we expect strong rules that keep dangerous products off the shelves. 

Other places, including Canada, the UK and the EU, have laws that say products must be safe in order to be sold. It's time we catch up, and make sure Australians aren't getting stuck with dodgy, dangerous goods.

P.S. If you'd like more information on the products that have failed CHOICE tests, you can read all about it here. "

AuthorRay Dennis