As a member of SA Water’s Customer Advisory Group, Consumer SA’s Elaine Attwood received the following information from SA Water earlier this month:

"On 14 June 2018 the Minister for Environment and Water announced the 2018-19 water and sewerage prices.

SA Water has continued our commitment to keeping water and sewerage prices for South Australians as low and stable as possible, with 2018-19 price adjustments to be capped at 1.9 per cent on average, to reflect the Consumer Price Index (CPI).*

For the average metropolitan residential customer, this will mean a combined water and sewerage bill increase of around $23.**

We understand the importance of both being able to manage cost of living pressures and receiving a quality water and sewerage service.

Since economic regulation was introduced in 2013-14, the average household has seen a 5.5 per cent decrease – or a reduction of $73 – in combined water and sewerage bills.

This has been made possible through our continuous careful management of operating expenses and prioritisation of major works.

Our prices take into account a range of different factors, including the cost to provide, sustain and enhance the delivery of water and sewerage services across the state.

Under state-wide pricing, most of our customers pay the same price per kilolitre of water, regardless of where they live or the cost of providing the service to that location. Sewerage prices are also designed so average bills are as consistent as possible across the state.

We continue to perform favourably when compared to interstate counterparts.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology’s most recent National Performance Report (2016-17), which analyses the performance of water utilities across the country, our annual residential combined water and sewerage bill (based on 200 kilolitres) was eighth cheapest among 14 comparably-sized utilities, and mid-range when compared to all organisations that reported for this measure.

A full schedule of our current fees and charges is available at The 2018-19 prices will be available on our website before 1 July 2018.

*March Consumer Price Index, All Groups Index Number (weighted average of eight capital cities) published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, to align to ESCOSA’s 2016-20 revenue determination.

 **Based on the average metropolitan residential water use of 184 kL and property value of $447,000."

AuthorRay Dennis