CHOICE's Campaigns & Policy Team Leader, Katinka Day, reports that, following the recent CHOICE campaign, "Nestle has agreed to remove their dishonest 4.5 star rating from Milo!"

"Milo’s 4.5 star rating was based on 3 teaspoons of the product being mixed with skim milk. Without skim milk, Milo only gets a 1.5 star rating. Thanks to community pressure, Milo will no longer be health-washing its product with a high star rating.

This is a step forward to making health star ratings work for you. But it can be even better. The government is currently reviewing the system and you can help improve health stars by joining our calls to end food companies' tricks.

Sign our petition for a better health stars system 

Health stars are that little bit of extra information on your side, which you can use when comparing products to make a healthier choice. 

But the guidelines need tightening to make sure unhealthy products can't make themselves appear better than they really are.

Your voice is important to ensure that we achieve a health star rating system that works for you, not food companies."

AuthorRay Dennis