CHOICE recently announced the “winners” of its annual Shonky Awards. Since 2006 CHOICE has been naming and shaming the worst offenders for misleading conduct, deceptive claims and downright unsafe products.

CHOICE introduced this year’s awards with the following comments:

“Commonwealth Bank's school infestation

For: A relentless marketing program targeted at primary school kids

A royal commission has shown us banks can't be trusted to play by the rules – especially when they’re using subversive sales tactics to sign children up to Dollarmites accounts under the guise of youth education. This dishonest and greedy behaviour has to stop.

Tell politicians to fix the banks for good

Perilous portable cots

For: Putting infant lives at risk

The products we buy for our families should be safe, but in the past seven years we’ve tested 60 portacots and, shockingly, the vast majority have failed to meet our minimum safety requirements. We’re calling out the entire portacot industry for this dodgy practice.

Support stronger product safety laws

Nutri-Grain's 'Sugar Smash'

For: Sugar-coating the truth about brekkie on the go

Nutri-Grain's banana and honey protein squeezer isn't the 'ironman food' it's cracked up to be. With a whopping 14.7g of sugar per packet, Kellogg's have health-washed their way into our Hall of Shame with a Shonky breakfast that leads to Shonky health outcomes. 

Join our push for added sugar labelling

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AuthorRay Dennis