SA Water's Residential Customer Advisory Group has been newly constituted and Consumers SA has a representative on that group.  At the initial meeting held in August, committee members were asked to ascertain from their members comments on the following key questions - as part of SA Water’s commitment to consulting consumers as it puts together its next 5 year regulatory business proposal. 

There will be a number of different types of engagement with various sectors over the next few years but this is the first opportunity to take part in decisions that will affect every consumer in the near future.


  1. Acknowledging that affordability is a key concern, what else is important to your members when it comes to the services SA Water provides?  What are the top two things?
  2. What does SA Water do well?
  3. What services would you like to see SA Water improve?
  4. Do you have any other suggestions on how these services can be improved?

Please email your answers and any other comments to:

AuthorRay Dennis