Consumer and Business Services (CBS) has launched a new campaign to help consumers know their rights and responsibilities when buying a car.

The campaign promotes the protections consumers get when buying from a licensed dealer (warranty, consumer guarantees, cooling off period, guaranteed vehicle ownership etc) and also provides advice for people who buy privately (e.g. checking to make sure no money is owed on the car or it hasn’t been written off due to flood damage).

According to CBS: 

"Car buyers often get excited researching different car models, features and prices, but they can end up in a sad and sorry situation if they don’t get the final purchase right.

CBS and the Motor Trades Association (MTA) have launched a new education campaign to remind consumers of the important protections they get if they buy from a licensed second-hand vehicle dealer.

While buyers may save some dollars by buying privately, this carries bigger risk. In the end, it may cost the consumer a lot more if they miss out on a warranty and consumer guarantees, and if they buy privately without making some important checks.

When buying from a licensed dealer, consumers are protected by:

·            Warranty and consumer guarantees

·            The vehicle must be of acceptable quality when it is sold

·            Accurate information must be given about the vehicle

·            Two-day cooling off period to consider the purchase

·            Clear title and guaranteed vehicle ownership.

The key message for car buyers is to reduce their risk by following some simple advice:

·       Buy from a licensed second-hand vehicle dealer

·       Take the car for a test drive

·       Get a mechanic to inspect the car

·       Check the Personal Property Securities Register for private sales.

Checking the Personal Property Securities Register is crucial to make sure that the vehicle hasn’t been stolen, there is no money owed on it, and it hasn’t been flood damaged or written off. Visit to make these important checks.

The campaign is targeting potential car buyers via digital advertising, three short videos and a new brochure which includes a helpful checklist for buyers.

To view the videos or the brochure or for more information about the campaign please visit"


AuthorRay Dennis