CHOICE has started a campaign against “supermarket rip-offs” with the following warning and call for action on their Campaign website:

"Right now product labels have to show weight on the front of a pack. This forces businesses to be honest about what you're really paying for and how much in the pack is just air. But, the Australian Government wants to give businesses the 'flexibility' to change labels so they could remove weight labelling from the front of pack to wherever they want.

Don't want to spend your supermarket shop turning over every packet to find out how much is inside? You shouldn't have to. The Department of Industry is reviewing labelling requirements. They think that consumers show "little passion" about this labelling issue. We need to prove them wrong. Tell the regulator that you don't want to lose information that helps you know what you're paying for! "

You can send an email to Craig Johnson (who's leading the review of product labels) and cc Craig Laundy MP (the responsible Minister) by clicking on this link.

AuthorRay Dennis