According to a recent report on the CHOICE website: "[t]he ticket scalping scene – politely called the "secondary ticket market" – has seen a huge change in the last few years, as dedicated resale websites have moved into the market. Swiss-based Viagogo launched in Australia in late 2013, followed by Ticketmaster Resale in mid-2014.

Immediately popular, they were touted as safer alternatives to sites like eBay and Gumtree, where buyers had little to no recourse against fraudulent scalpers. "We bring fraud down," Viagogo CEO Eric Baker said at the time.

These sites act as middlemen for ticket on-sellers and their customers, providing the platforms to list tickets, in addition to facilitating the transaction. Sellers can list tickets at any price they want, and the free market takes care of the rest. The website takes a commission.

However, with their growing popularity comes the increased risk of buyers becoming unstuck. Profiteering scalpers have moved their business to the very platforms which were designed to thwart them. Scalpers are also known to let bots loose on primary market websites, buying up tickets faster than any human and on-selling to fans at a huge mark-up. Whether from scalpers or just plain bad sellers, people also report buying tickets that simply don't turn up."

AuthorRay Dennis