Consumers SA is a member of the Customer Consultative Panel established by the entity responsible for the distribution of electricity to most South Australian consumers, SA Power Networks (SAPN). 

In a recent presentation to the Panel, SAPN outlined the magnitude of the damage caused by the major storm that struck the State in late December and detailed the action taken by SAPN’s Emergency Response Team (and staff on the ground) to fix the downed wires as quickly as possible.

An arborist explained that this type of storm normally comes from the north but that this one was from the east. He said that while many old trees had survived northerly storms for many years without damage they could not take the storm from the east and a great number fell.  

Consumers SA suggested that it would greatly assist affected customers if regular updates of SAPN’s progress in responding to the emergency and restoring power were given on the State’s designated emergency radio station: ABC 891.

The very informative slides from the presentation, including images of the storm damage graphically illustrating the challenges of restoring power, are attached here

AuthorRay Dennis