As a member of SA Water’s Residential Customer Advisory Group, Consumers SA’s representative Elaine Attwood was recently told about the corporation’s customer engagement process – Water Talks – which involves a series of events plus a new website: for "SA Water customers around the state to learn about SA Water and provide their thoughts".

Advisory Group members were also asked to disseminate the following information about Water Talks:

"SA Water is working with South Australians to plan how to best provide future water and sewerage services, and everyone is invited to have their say.

SA Water’s customer engagement process – Water Talks – involves a series of events plus a new website for SA Water customers around the state to learn about SA Water and provide their thoughts.

Your honest feedback will help SA Water understand what they do well, what needs to be improved and what you value most about your water services. SA Water will use everyone’s feedback as they develop their Regulatory Business Proposal for 2020‑24.

Every four years, SA Water submits a proposal to its regulator, the Essential Services Commission of South Australia (ESCOSA), which outlines how it plans to operate and deliver services for its customers.

ESCOSA reviews the proposal and determines the revenue SA Water can collect from customers through their bills for water and sewerage services.

Being part of Water Talks is easy. Visit and sign up to find out more and have your say. Events across South Australia will be listed online from January 2018, so sign up to stay informed about when and where these will be held.

We encourage all SA Water customers, both residential and business, to participate in this process and sign up to Water Talks for future announcements, feedback and opportunities to take part in helping us develop our Regulatory Business Proposal.

For more information, you can also call 1300 SA WATER."

AuthorRay Dennis