According to independent energy industry analyst, Dr Martin Gill, because ‘special offers’ are excluded from the Government’s independent tariff comparison website, Energy Made Easy, consumers are unable to compare their true cost This may leave them exposed to attractive headline figures that actually hide higher electricity costs.

The attached article considers a current NSW example: a ‘special offer’ that is only available to consumers affected by the end of the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme.   

Dr Gill's article uses simple analysis to show this ‘special offer’ will increase annual electricity costs by around $150 a year. Compared to tariffs with lower feed-in credits households accepting this ‘special offer’ are at least $200 worse off.

He concludes:

"Perhaps it is time the electricity industry considered the need for all advertisements to list a comparison rate (as listed in all financial advertisements) or the total cost (as used in the telecommunications industry)."

AuthorRay Dennis