The newly updated Energy Made Easy  website can now be accessed at:

Consumers SA's energy specialist, Brian Attwood reports that this is the official government website and that four other similar websites that show up in Google searches first are paid websites and MAY NOT be the same as this site.

The official Government website has changed as a result of recommendations by the ACCC report on affordable power.

All retailer offers are now in the same format.  In addition, any discounts offered by retailers are taken from the base offers recorded on this site.

Brian says that, "when using this website the best way to get an accurate offer is to put in 12 month usage of power from your last four bills". Power usage is usually seasonal and if only the last bill is put in,the site will calculate a yearly cost that will most likely be inaccurate because it relies on only three month’s data from one season.

AuthorRay Dennis