Gas is no longer a necessary “transitional fuel” and Australia can leap directly to renewables, a new academic report claims, raising questions about the State Government’s energy plan.

The report by chemical engineers Tim Forcey and Dylan McConnell, of the University of Melbourne, says: “While gas has often been considered a ‘transition fuel’, this pathway is not necessary, and is in fact a detour.”

They argue this is because the major functions of gas in the electricity system – to provide baseload power and manage energy supply/demand fluctuations – can now be provided at a cheaper cost by solar and wind power, and pumped hydro and batteries, respectively.

“The idea [that gas is required] … to meet our energy requirements is now somewhat questionable,” McConnell told InDaily reporter, Bension Seibert.

Access the 18 May 2017 InDaily report by clicking here


AuthorRay Dennis