The "world's largest" lithium ion battery was launched in SA last week. Will its storage capacity and versatility be a game-changer for Australia's energy market? Many are now watching on in anticipation to see what impact the battery has on the SA electricity market, and whether it could be a game-changer nationally.

In an article originally published on The Conversationenergy researcher Dylan McConnell assesses the battery's impact and concludes that, “size matters but role matters more, [explaining:] the South Australian battery is truly a historic moment for both South Australia, and for Australia’s future energy security. While the size, of the battery might be decried as being small in the context of the National Energy Market, it is important to remember it’s capabilities and role. It may well be a game changer, by delivering services not previously provided by wind and solar PV."

Dylan McConnell is a researcher at the Australian German Climate and Energy College at the University of Melbourne.

His article was reprinted recently on Adelaide's InDaily website.  Click here to read the original article.

AuthorRay Dennis